Lists the Printers

  • Select printer’s Printer name, ID or select and Modify to open the Printer properties page.
  • Select the printer’s number (2) of Queues or select and Queues to toggle the view of print queues.
  • Select individual printers and select Modify at the bottom of the screen. Select the check box at the top of the list to select all printers.
  • Select Refresh to refresh the list.
  • Select and Info to see information about the printer:
    • ID, Name, Queues, Model, and Location.
    • Network. The network the printer is on.
    • Printer address. Select this to open the printer’s web page.
    • Features. Color printing, 2-sided printing, and PDF printing.

View mode

Select View mode to control what printer information should be shown. The ID and Printer name columns are always shown.

  • Default – An overview of printers, their status and location. Columns:
    • Queues, Status, Network, Address, Created, and Location.
  • Connection – Useful if you are using SNMP settings and different protocols. Columns:
    • Status, Network, Address, MAC address, SNMP configuration, and Protocol.
  • Printix Go – Useful for managing Printix Go on your printers. Columns:
    • Status, Installation, Vendor, Go version, Go configuration, and Sign in profile.
  • Customized – Build you own customized view mode with the printer information you select.

How to view print queues

  • Select the printer’s number (2) of Queues or select and Queues to toggle the view of print queues.
  • Select Print queues to open the Print queues tab to Create, Modify or Delete print queues.
  • Select Name (Reception) to open the Print queue properties page.

Add printer

Other ways to add printers:


  1. Select Search
  2. Enter printer ID, name, location or address.
    Uppercase and lowercase letters are treated the same.


  1. Select Filters.
    • Select Network to filter by this.
    • Select Network type to filter by this.
      • Company (Same as if no filter is selected)
      • Home office
    • Select Created to see printers added within the previous 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours.
    • Select Printers with Go to filter by this.
    • Select Outdated Go version to filter by this and determine which printers needs to have Printix Go updated.
    • Select Go configurations to filter by this.
    • Select Sign in profiles to filter by this.

Sort by

  1. Select item to sort by this.
  2. Select item again to toggle sort order: and
    • Select ID to sort by printer ID.
    • Select Printer name to sort by printer name.
    • Select Created to sort printers by the date they were registered.
    • Select Location to sort by printer location.


  1. To see status details select the status icon:
    Printer is not monitored or not responding – the status text is the last know status of the printer.
  1. Optionally, select Refresh to get the latest status.
  2. Optionally select the Cloud / Network communication status icon.

    • It will show Monitored by and the name of the computer (COMPIX) that is monitoring the printer (ASD).
    • If there is no computer online to monitor the printer, it will show Printer is not monitored.
  1. Optionally, select the Network / Printer communication status icon.

Delete printer

  • To delete a printer, select and Delete.
    • Before deleting a Ricoh printer, Printix Go must be uninstalled, otherwise, you might see an error message when you next use a Print or Capture workflow on the printer.
  • Select the printer(s) and select Delete .
  • Select the check box at the top of the list to select all printers.


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