To get here:

  1. Open the Print queues page or the Printers page to view the print queues.
  2. Select a print queue.

On the Setup tab you can modify the properties of the print queue.

Additional tabs:

Modify properties for multiple print queues

  1. On the Print queues page select individual print queues and select Modify.
  2. Make your modifications.
  3. Select Save. The modified settings will be saved for the selected print queues.


  • Print queue name
    The print queue name cannot contain the characters ‘\’ and ‘,’ and must unique for the printer. Uppercase and lowercase letters are treated the same. The Print queue name is what users will see on their computer and in Printix Client. If there is just one print queue for the printer we recommend you keep the Printer name and print queue name the same. However, if there are for example two active print queues, you should name them so users will both know the physical printer and be able to determine the difference in purpose of the print queues.
    • Printer name Reception has two queues with the Print queue names: Reception and Reception Staple.
    • Reception is the general purpose and the one most frequently used of the two print queues.
    • Reception Staple has a print driver configuration that will staple together sheets by default.
  • Printer name
    The name of the printer.
  • Model
    The model name obtained from the printer.


  • Active
    Check this to make the print queue Active so all users can use the print queue. Remember to print the printer’s ID sign and mount this at the printer. That way, users can easily identify the physical printer. Deactivating a print queue will not remove the print queue from computers, where it is already installed. To remove a print queue from computers, you should Delete the print queue.
  • Add print queue automatically
    Check this to add the print queue automatically on users’ computers running Printix Client. Only available if the print queue is Active. It may take a few minutes before the print queue is added.
  • Remove print queue automatically
    Check this to remove the print queue automatically when the computer connects to another named network. Not available if Via the cloud is checked.
  • Via the cloud
    Check this to allow users to print to the printer even though they are not on the same network as the printer. Not available if Remove print queue automatically is checked.
    See also: How to enable printing via the cloud.
  • Process PDF
    Normally, if the destination printer supports PDF, documents printed through Printix Chromebook and print anywhere documents, are sent as PDF data to the printer. Check Process PDF to force the PDF data to be processed according to the print queue’s print driver configuration and thereby finishing options. This will typically mean that the PDF print data is converted into for example PostScript or PCL in accordance with the print driver’s page description language (PDL). Printing will take longer time, compared to sending the PDF data directly to the printer, as the data need to be processed a second time and also the document is likely to increase in size.
    See also: How to enable processing of PDF documents.
  • Enable mobile print
    Check this to allow printing from Android and iOS/iPadOS phones and tablets to this print queue. Only available if Enable mobile print is checked on the Settings page’s Mobile print tab. On Android phones and tablets the print queue will be available regardless of the Android phone’s and tablet’s network connection (Wi-Fi or mobile network). On iOS/iPadOS phones and tablets on a Wi-Fi network the print queue will be broadcast as an AirPrint printer as follows:
    • A print queue will be broadcast on the printer’s network, if the network has Enable mobile print checked.
    • A print queue, that has Via the cloud checked, will be broadcast on all networks that have Enable mobile print checked.
    • A Printix Anywhere print queue will be broadcast on all networks that have Enable mobile print checked.
    • Mobile printed anywhere documents can, unless the printer’s QR code or NFC tag is scanned, be released only to printers that has a print queue with Via the cloud checked.


  • Print 2-sided by default
    Printing on both sides is a great way to save paper and benefit our environment. Has effect only if the printer support automatic printing on both sides. Users can still print on one side only, but will have to ask for this at each print. 2-sided printing is also known as: Duplex, Double-sided, and Front-and-back. This may not always work (See: Disclaimer).
  • Print in black by default
    Printing in black by default is a great way to save the additional cost of color printing. Has effect only if the printer support color. Users can still print in color, but will have to ask for this at each print. This may not always work (See: Disclaimer).


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