Printix printing is also possible if you use Citrix or Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

  1. Install Printix Client on the Citrix Servers and install Printix Client on at least one computer at each site/location.
  2. Add networks to reflect the sites/locations.
  3. For each print queue in Printix Administrator open the Print queue properties page and check Via the cloud.
  4. Each user running a terminal session (Citrix session) will Sign in to Printix Client and see all the printers for the site/location.

Alternatively, if you are using “fat” clients:

  1. Install Printix Client on each client.
  2. All the local printers will be mapped into the Citrix terminal session.

Deploying images with Printix Client

If you intend to copy an image with an installed Printix Client to another Citrix or RDS server, then you must ensure that no user has signed in to Printix Client.

Each computer with Printix Client is, once a user has signed in, registered in Printix Cloud with a unique ID, and it is also at this time the computer will appear in Printix Administrator. The ID is written in the Windows Registry:


If an image is produced after a user has signed in, and subsequently installed on another computer, then there will be an undesired condition where these computers will have the same WSId. This will result in the computers fighting for connection and they will try to update the same computer properties in Printix Cloud. To resolve the issue you need to make an image, where no computer (WSid) has been registered. Before you start to use the new image, you need to delete the computer in Printix Administrator. After a short time, the computers will register and appear in Printix Administrator.

How to produce an image without the trace of previously registered computers (WSid)

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. Select the Details tab.
  3. Select PrintixClient.exe and select End task. Select End process.
  4. Select PrintixService.exe and select End task. Select End process.
  5. In Registry Editor browse to:
  1. Delete the Printix Client folders:
    • \RT
    • \WS
  1. Verify that these folders are still there:
    • \CurrentVersion
    • \Printers
    • \Tenant
    • \Users
  1. In the Printix Client folder add the DWORD value name StartAsVDI with a value of 1.
  2. Produce the image.

Citrix Profile Management

To make Printix Client work, you need to modify Windows Registry so user’s Printix settings are included in the Application Data roaming profile.

  1. Select Windows logo key + R to open Run.
  2. Type: regedit, and select OK.
  3. In Registry Editor browse to:
  4. Add the DWORD value name StartAsVDI with a value of 1.

When StartAsVDI is 1 Printix Client will not update itself automatically and it will read and write the user’s Printix settings, including access tokens, in the user’s Application Data folder.

  1. Open a command prompt and type: echo %APPDATA%
    • Normally this will give the result:
      C:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming
      Example: C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming
    • If the AppData folder is redirected this will give the result:
      \\ servername \ folder Redirect$\ username \Application Data
      Example: \\\myfolderRedirect$\John\Application Data

The below is the example of the Printix relevant path and subfolders that must be included in the roaming profile.

  • %APPDATA%\printix
    Example: \\\myfolderRedirect$\John\Application Data\printix


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