Printix Cloud Print Management Service

Make printing part of your cloud-first strategy. Say goodbye to print servers and hello to an automated print infrastructure. Printix supports Single Sign-On with Microsoft Entra ID and can be deployed with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Our powerful cloud technology and innovative client technology is scalable by design and can handle any number of users and printers. Printix gives you flexible, secure and mobile printing, and you can automate print driver and queue management and eliminate the need for a print server. Printix is built to work for you and grow with you.

Serverless print infrastructure

Our powerful technology can handle multiple sites and separate networks. You do not have to concern yourself with print server scalability, capacity planning and VPN. There is no manual effort involved in maintaining Printix Client, as it will silently update itself to the latest approved version. Print processing is done locally on the computer, so no additional network traffic is needed to transfer print data to a print server. Printix Client can convert existing print queues.

Driver store

Printix maintains a global driver store with Windows and macOS print drivers. When you start to use Printix Client, it will automatically upload print drivers and put them in your Printix driver store. If there is no dedicated print driver for a particular printer, then an appropriate Universal print driver may be used.

Central web-based management

With Printix Administrator, you can configure Printix and centrally manage your printers, print queues and print drivers from a web browser. Minutes after a printer has been unboxed and connected, it can be added to Printix via phone, tablet and computer. You can have print queues automatically added and removed on users’ computers and you can set default printer.

Delegated print management

Delegate the responsibility for the management of printers and print queues to the IT personnel at the local site by giving them the role as Site manager.


Automatic registration of users the first time they sign in to Printix with their Microsoft or Google Workspace account. If needed, you can use Groups to grant exclusive access to printers and deploy printers based on users’ group membership. We promote self-service to users, so they can add the printers they need to work efficiently. That way, you do not have to deal with group policies for printing.

Easy printer identification

Printers are easily identified by their three-letter ID. No need for users to know the printer’s IP address, share name or print driver. To make it easy for users to identify printers, you can print and mount printer ID signs with QR codes at the printers or mount NFC tags at the printers.

Secure print

Allows you to print confidential documents. Just wait until you are at the printer and then use Printix App on your phone to release your documents. Printix App is available as a native app for Android and iOS/iPadOS phones and tablets, and as a web app that runs in a web browser on your phone, tablet and computer. If Printix Go is installed on the printer, then you can sign in with card or ID code and release documents from the touchscreen control panel of the printer.

  • Secure print methods
    • Print later
      The perfect choice if you need to print confidential documents with finishing options and want to ensure your documents print exactly as you expect them to. The document is processed using the matching print driver. Document is kept until you decide to release the document. The document can be released to the printer it was printed to.
    • Print anywhere
      The Printix Anywhere print queue allows users to roam between printers and collect the document at the printer they choose. When you submit a document to a Printix Anywhere print queue, your document is always kept until you decide to release it. Document is sent as PDF, except if the printer does not support PDF printing or Process PDF/XPS is checked. In this case, the PDF document is processed using a matching print driver. For users who do not care about finishing options, the Printix Anywhere print queue could very well turn out to be the only one they need on their computer.
  • Must print securely
    • Prevent users from submitting documents directly to printers.
    • Can be set for all users or selected users via group membership.
  • Print later by default
    • Make print later the preferred print method.
    • Can be set for all users or selected users via group membership.
  • Secure print levels
    • Control that users are actually physically present at the printer to release their documents. You can require users to identify the printer by scanning the printer’s QR code (level 1), NFC tag (level 2) or Sign in at the printer (level 3).
    • A minimum secure print level can be set for all users. By default (level 0), users can select the printer in Printix App on their phone, tablet, or computer.
    • A higher secure print level can be set for selected users via group membership.


From your phone or tablet, you can reprint those of your documents that were deleted or printed within the previous 12 hours. Even documents you printed directly to the printer can be reprinted without going back to your computer and submitting them again.

Mobile print

Print from phones and tablets, Android and iOS/iPadOS, to Printix managed printers enabled for mobile print.

Home office printing

Enable employees to print on home office printers when working from home on their company laptop. This gives the employee the flexibility to review, make notations and proofread documents on paper rather than in pixels on the screen.

  • Data is collected showing what was printed on the printer at home, and can optionally be used to reimburse the employee for printing.
  • Any existing print queue for the home printer remains untouched and can be used for personal printing (data is not collected).

Capture and workflow

On selected multifunction printers (MFPs) with Printix Go, you can enable and use Printix Capture to deliver scanned documents to your selected workflow destination. Alternatively, use Printix App on your phone to Capture and deliver images to your selected workflow destination. Kofax Optical Character Recognition (OCR) cloud technology is used to digitize your paper documents and deliver these as searchable PDF or Microsoft Word files. Workflow destinations include:

  • Connector
  • Email
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online

Use Printix Administrator to create workflows. A workflow can be made available for all users or selected users via group membership. A Workflow is configured as a Source, a Destination, File name, and settings for Scan, File type (PDF, Microsoft Word), Language for OCR use, and Image processing. See also: How to get started with capture and workflow.

Cloud storage

Optionally, set up and use your own secure cloud storage to store pending documents. Documents printed Via the cloud or as Mobile print from phones and tablets will also go via your cloud storage.

Analytics and reports

Set up analytics so you can interact with the Printix Power BI report to get insights.

Cloud Print API

Intended for use by applications that wish to push print jobs in printer native or PDF format into a Printix print queue, and for organizations who want to do guest user administration. You can access the API documentation at

Product Support

Price include support. Visit Product Support to find our Manuals, Videos, FAQ, and Changelog.

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