Enable storage of pending documents in your secure cloud storage. That way, the user’s computer does not need to be online to release print later and print anywhere documents. However, a Printix Client still needs to be online on the printer’s network to release the documents.

Create role

  1. Open a new browser window and sign in to Google Cloud Platform (console.cloud.google.com), using your work account credentials.
  2. In Google Cloud Platform select the Navigation menu and select IAM & admin, and then Roles.
  3. On the Roles blade, select Create role.
  4. In Create role:
    • In Title enter the name of the role. For example: printix storage
    • In Role launch stage select General availability.
  1. Select Add permissions
  1. In Filter type storage.objects and press Enter.
  2. Select the Permissions:
    • storage.objects.create
    • storage.objects.delete
    • storage.objects.get
    • storage.objects.list
  1. Select Add.
  2. Select Create.

Create service account

  1. In Google Cloud Platform, select the Navigation menu and select IAM & admin, and then Service accounts.
  2. On the Service accounts blade, select Create service account.
  3. In Service account details:
    • In Service account name, enter the name of the service account. For example: printix
    • Optionally, in Service account description, enter for example: printix cloud storage service account.
  1. Select Create and continue.
  2. In Grant this service account access to project:
    • In Role, select the role you created in step 4 (printix storage).
  1. Select Continue.
  1. In Grant users access to this service account:
    • Enter Service account users role.
    • Enter Service account admins role.
  1. Select Done.
  2. Create a key as follows:
    • Click on the created service account.
    • Select the Keys tab.
    • Select Create new key in the Add key list.
    • Select JSON.
    • Select Create.
      The private key is saved to your computer and you need to paste the content of it in step 32.
  1. Select Done.

Create storage bucket

  1. In Google Cloud Platform, in the Navigation menu, select Cloud Storage.
  2. On the Browser blade, select Buckets.
  3. Select Create.
  4. Enter your bucket information and select Continue to complete each step:
    • Specify a Name, subject to the bucket name requirements. Enter for example: printix-cloud-storage. You need to enter the name in step 31.
    • As Default storage class for the bucket select Standard. Next, select a Location where the bucket data will be permanently stored.
    • Leave Access control model at Set object-level and bucket-level permissions.
    • Optionally in Advanced settings, you can add bucket labels, set a retention policy, and choose an encryption method. Leave Encryption at Google managed keys.
  1. Select Create.
  2. On the Bucket details pane, select Permissions.
  3. Select Add members.
    • In New members add the service account you created in step 12 (Example: printix).
    • Select roles. Scroll to Storage and then select Storage Object Creator.
    • Select Add another role. Scroll to Storage and then select Storage Object Viewer.
    • Select Save.

Add Google Cloud Storage

  1. In Printix Administrator select Menu , Settings
  2. Select the Cloud storage tab.
  3. Select Add cloud storage.
  4. Select Google Cloud Storage.
  5. In Name enter the bucket name you entered in step 23 (Example: printix-cloud-storage).
  6. In Key paste the content from your Google JSON Key File created in step 18.
  7. Select Add cloud storage.
  8. Optionally check type of pending documents you want to store.

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