When you submit a document to the Printix Anywhere printer, your document is always kept for later release via your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • On Windows (11, 10, Server 2022, 2019, and 2016) the document is sent as PDF and processed using the print driver Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • On legacy Windows systems (8.1, 8, 7, Server 2012 R2, 2012, and 2008 R2) Printix Anywhere print queues use the print driver MS Publisher Imagesetter. With Printix Client version 1.3.1190 and later the Imagesetter’s PostScript output is converted to PDF using the conversion component (PS2PDF.dll).
  • On Mac the document is sent as PostScript using the print driver Generic PostScript Printer.

The Microsoft Print to PDF print driver supports selection of paper size and orientation, but it does not support color controls. The resulting PDF file will in most cases be in color. However, the application you use to print may offer color control and if so, this will normally take effect. Here are some examples:

  • Microsoft Word
    Offers no color control. Resulting PDF is always in color.
  • Microsoft Power Point
    Allows you to select between: Color, Grayscale and Pure Black and White.
  • Microsoft Edge Browser
    Allows you to select between: Color and Black and White.
  • Chrome Browser
    Allows you to select between: Color and Black and White.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Allows you to check: Print in grayscale (black and white).

The MS Publisher Imagesetter print driver supports selection of paper size, orientation and color control. With Printix Client version 1.3.1190 or later you can get color control by making both of these changes a) Change the Printix Anywhere print queue to use a PostScript print driver (for example MS Publisher Imagesetter), and b) Check Process PS on the Print queue properties page of the Printix Anywhere print queue. The will result in the Imagesetter’s PostScript output being converted to PDF using the conversion component (PS2PDF.dll).

It goes without saying that once a color document has been saved as a grayscale PDF or a black and white PDF, there is no way to convert it back to color. However, there are also other ways to get, for example, a Microsoft Word color document out in black and white:

  • Release the document on a printer that does not support color.
  • For a color printer, make a print queue that has a print driver configuration that prints in black by default. If the printer supports PDF printing, then make sure that Process PDF/XPS is checked, so the PDF document is processed using a matching print driver and its print driver configuration.

If you define both a black and a color print queue, that is, there are multiple print queues for this printer, Printix App may ask you to select one. You will not be asked if only one of these print queues is marked as “favorite” . If you are using Printix Go and releasing the document from the printer’s touchscreen control panel, then it will just select one of the print queues without asking.

Printix Client will, when required the first time, automatically download, and use the latest version of the PostScript to PDF conversion component (PS2PDF.dll). The component install in the folder: C:\Program Files\printix.net\Printix Client\ps

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