Last modified 2023/08/10.

  • Installation on one printer at a time from the Printer properties page is supported. Installation on multiple printers from the Printix Go tab on the Settings page is not supported.
  • If you intend to install on a Gestetner, Infotec, Lanier, NRG, or Savin branded printer, you should do a Contact printer from the Printer properties page prior to installation. Failing to do so on printers registered with Printix before October 2021 may result in Verify sign in profile failing even though the username and password are correct.


  • As a general rule, Printix Go supports Ricoh printers and MFPs that support Ricoh SOP (Smart Operating Platform) Generation 2 or later. Ricoh printers and MFPs are also supported when sold under the Gestetner, Infotec, Lanier, NRG, and Savin brands.
  • Printer’s date and time must match the local time.
  • Printer administrator password must be set and cannot be blank.
  • Printer’s DNS server must be configured.
  • During installation and update the printer must be registered in Printix Administrator by IP address and not by hostname.
  • SSL/TLS must be enabled for IPv4 on the printer and communication must be set to Ciphertext/Cleartext.
  • HTTP for Port 80 for IPv4 must be open.
  • For Ricoh SOP printers Generation 2, web server password must be the default password.
  • Computer with Printix Client for Windows must be online on the printer’s network during installation, update, and uninstallation of Printix Go.
  • Computer with Printix Client must be online on the printer’s network during the use of Printix Go.
  • Printix Capture:
    • Computer with Printix Client version 1.3.1253.0 or later for Windows must be online on the printer’s network during the use of Printix Capture.
  • In addition to the required internet endpoints these must also be unblocked to allow Printix Go to communication to Printix Cloud (how to test):

Third-party application dependencies

  • Adaptable Authentication API (AAA) 2.1.0 Ricoh SmartSDK
  • RXOP 3.8.8
    • RXSP servlet 3.8.8 or 1.3 depending on printer configuration

Next steps

  1. Verify that your printer is supported.
  2. Install Printix Go.


We make all attempts to keep the product compatibility information current. However, we make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to printer vendor’s products or the interoperation with Printix Go.


  • Ricoh IM 2500
  • Ricoh IM 3000
  • Ricoh IM 350
  • Ricoh IM 3500
  • Ricoh IM 4000
  • Ricoh IM 430
  • Ricoh IM 5000
  • Ricoh IM 550
  • Ricoh IM 600
  • Ricoh IM 6000
  • Ricoh IM 7000
  • Ricoh IM 8000
  • Ricoh IM 9000
  • Ricoh IM C2000
  • Ricoh IM C2010
  • Ricoh IM C2500
  • Ricoh IM C2510
  • Ricoh IM C300
  • Ricoh IM C3000
  • Ricoh IM C3010
  • Ricoh IM C3500
  • Ricoh IM C3510
  • Ricoh IM C400
  • Ricoh IM C4500
  • Ricoh IM C4510
  • Ricoh IM C530F
  • Ricoh IM C530FB
  • Ricoh IM C5500
  • Ricoh IM C5510
  • Ricoh IM C6000
  • Ricoh IM C6010
  • Ricoh IM C6500
  • Ricoh IM C8000
  • Ricoh IM CW2200
  • Ricoh MP 2555
  • Ricoh MP 305+
  • Ricoh MP 3055
  • Ricoh MP 3555
  • Ricoh MP 402
  • Ricoh MP 4055
  • Ricoh MP 501
  • Ricoh MP 5055
  • Ricoh MP 601
  • Ricoh MP 6055
  • Ricoh MP 6503
  • Ricoh MP 7503
  • Ricoh MP 9003
  • Ricoh MP C2004
  • Ricoh MP C2504
  • Ricoh MP C3004
  • Ricoh MP C306
  • Ricoh MP C307
  • Ricoh MP C3504
  • Ricoh MP C406Z
  • Ricoh MP C407
  • Ricoh MP C4504
  • Ricoh MP C501
  • Ricoh MP C5504
  • Ricoh MP C6004
  • Ricoh MP C6503
  • Ricoh MP C8003
  • Ricoh Pro C5200
  • Ricoh Pro C5210
  • Ricoh Pro C5300S
  • Ricoh Pro C5310S


  • Ricoh SP 8400DN
  • Ricoh SP C840DN
  • Ricoh SP C842DN


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