When you have added networks you can use Discover printers to add printers on that network.

For a printer to be registered it must be online and SNMPv1 must be enabled on the printer and Community name must be set to “public”. If printers use a non default SNMP configuration, then please Add SNMP configuration that match the printer’s and try to register the printer again.

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To start discovery from a particular computer (print server)

  1. Open the Computers page.
  2. Select the computer (print server) and select Modify.
    Optionally Filter on Type and select Server.
  1. On the Computer properties page, scroll to the Discover section.
    Optionally select a SNMP configuration.
  1. Select Discover printers.
  2. Select Confirm.

How to keep a record of your print server migration

If you need to migrate multiple print servers we recommend you keep a record of this with a table like the below.

Print server Discover printers Printers migrated If required move printers to the right network Remove print server Comments
AMSPS01 Completed Completed Completed Completed
AMSPS02 Completed Completed Completed Awaits upgrade of legacy application next month
BERPS01 First run 8 out of 12 printers registered Need to check SNMP configuration on remaining 4 printers
CPHPS01 Migration will start next week
  • Print server
    Enter the hostname of the print server.
  • Discover printers
    This must be started from the particular print server. If some printers are offline during the discovery, they will appear as unregistered. Then you may have to try again. Also a printer may appear as unregistered if it requires a SNMP configuration.
  • Printers migrated
    Check that all the print servers print queues are now registered in Printix with the expected print driver and a print driver configuration. Windows 10 is setup the same as the print server, but Windows 8.1 and earlier will not inherit the driver and driver configuration from the print server.
  • If required move printers to the right network
    The printers discovered from the print server will be assigned to the network of the print server. If the printers are actually on another network you have to move the printers to that network. You can do that by selecting the printers on the Printers page and the select Modify.
  • Remove print server
    Before removing the print server, you should verify that the print server’s shared printers can be paused without users complaining. You should also verify that the server does not have additional roles, such as Domain Controller, File Server, etc. Take the server offline. Unplug the network cable and leave it that way for a week or so: if nobody cries it’s safe to decommission the print server.


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